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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 23, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 between marriage and weight gain.why heavier could meen happier.on fox 45 news at five. 3 3 3 3 3
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3 -3 3 pf you're feeling tired this willlwake you's beloo freezing again. again.a code blue aaert is in
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affecttfor city residents. meganngilliland is livv from an emergency shelter downtown with some tips to ssay warm out there. p3 good mornniggguys,we'reelive at the weinberg housing andd resource center along fallswwy. this shelter is open 24 hours a day nnw... and can serve 275 3 folks who need to step issde and gettout of the cold. freezing... ann the wind only makee it worse..ecause of that....the city issued a codd blue warning last -3 will emain in effect through sunday evening..hat meann many sheltees will have extended hourr..- hours.for a list oo the 14 shelters currently operating in the city... you can go o -3 fox-baltimooe dot com slash &pnewslinks... or call 3-1-1 3-1-1if you do have o head wear mulitple layers of loose fitting clothing.grab a at - and scarf.drink plenty of fluids.don't forget to check -3 on those who are elderly... and keep your pets warm too..f you're using a space heater inside... rememmer to keep them away from curtains... furniture and even clothing. 3 be careful ut here ii downtown, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news.
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a coalltion of labor and community grrops encourage state lawmakerssto raise the minimum wage..- calling foo the minimum wage - hour... to 10-dollars an hour... and thhy're hoping for it to happen... by 20-15. 3 (garrgiola))"thhs is going to raise wages for working class families who will be less & peliant on governnenttprograms dollarrso they caa end to - their faailies." families."critiic argue that raising the minimum wage would &pforce themmto cut their workforce. 3 floriia police arrest a man... accused of trying to hoke his fiancee... with her engagement ring. ring.officers say the man and as sse tried to move oot of their apaatment.that's wwen he -3&pnoticed she had left her engagement ring on theecounter. the woman told police ttat he - picked with theediamond... and trree to force it down her
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throat... before shoving her put the door.the 29-year-old bbtteryyvia straagulation. 3penn state fans gather to honor tte late joe paterno on the first aaniversary of his mural that bears the iiage of the former penn state football coach in downtown "state college" on tuesday.paterno pas fired from his jobbafter jerry sandusky was arrested on pchild sex abuse charres.hee died a few mmnths later after a attte with lung cancer.he was 85 years old. &p3 there's no quesston beyonce's performance of the nationall anthem was one of tte hiihhights of president obama's innuguration.but as ed paaneetells us... now there is another quustion people want -3&panswwred: was shh singing live lip-synching? 33 --reporter pkg--s follows-- pttsure lookeddgood -- and ssunded good.but beyonce may have been lippsynching to a recording he maae thh night pefore the inauguration.the oo her tumbll page of that rrcording session.a spokkswoman foo the u-- marine
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baad told cnn, beyonce didn't actually perform the "star- the marine corps said in a statementtthat no one in their to assess whether the performance was live or pre- recordedd.and in another statement saad a live performance wws ill-advised beccuse f thh lack of rehearsal time. washingtonian magazine editor garrett graff & was seated close to the u-s - marineeband and noticed sommthing wasn't immediately sttuck me that i &pcouldn't hear the band anddi was eated there staring at the saxophone player and couldn't hear him, couldn't hear anyone else.kelly clarkson and james taalor did, innfact, perform live..f bbyonce's pprrormance was 3 first.during president obama's first iiaugural inn2209, american cellist yo yo ma used a recorded versioo because the frigid temppratures made t too difficult for him to play. i'm ed payne reportinn..-
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3 beyonce's publicist haa not said if the performance as && ive or pre-recorded. 3 pop star hakira is noo a neww 3 soccer star gerard pique ... just wellomed a baby boy. &p""ilan" was born on tuesday in barcelona.the 25 year old - colommian singer revvaled her pregnancy in seetember.this is the coople's first child. 3 a goat makes a couut appearance.. and wins his case! case!policeenabbed this little guy... gary... for eating 3 fined is owner.. who took the poat to court to fight the charge. chargee.hey won bbcaase a judge deciieddthat the owner &phad not put gary up to the responsible for his petts acttons. 3 coming p on
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3 the earll editionn.. an amibitious ageeda faces big hurdles tte president braces for stiff resistance on gun control... aad the environment. -3 p,
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3 3 ((break 1)) 3 33 ((break 1)) 3 3 ((bbeak 1)) & ((bump in))
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heavy aluminum spotliggts come crashing down on a high school wrestler... in the middle of a match.the moment the neaaly 800pound light fell on senior pichael mccomish... was caughh on camera... and has since & pone viral on you-tube. 3 mmchaellis o-k... he walked & away from the incident with just a few stitches.he says & he'ssalways loved wrestliig and - if he had to chose - he - wouldn't want tt et hurt any other way. 3"something i've heard rom a lot oofpeople, they ssy 'in 3 pveryone gets to wwestte undee the lights, ut i truly am the one who's ggtten to wrrstle underrthe lights." -3
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3 ((22shot toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologiss)) 3 -3 3 3 ((traffic reporter 3 aa libs))
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3 map greensring liberty 40 map 3 3 3
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3 3 cominn up... joo flacco is riding the wave right oww now,the ravens quarterback on how ii feels to have hii boyhood drrams... come ttue. &p3 strrggling in the polls president obama maa - in orddrrto pass hii aaenda. 3 ((break 2))
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3 3 3 so ffr... president obama hass laad out a broad and ambitious agenda for his second term.but getting somethiiggdone in pashington... may be difficultt 3on tuesday the inaugural &pcelebration was capped off with a traditional prayer service at the national cathedral in tte president beginn a second & term - with plentt on his plate.we will responddto the threat of cllmate changein his pnauguraaladdress -obama pushed for action on the impact of natural disasterr & can no longer be ignooed.white hhuse ppess secrrtary jaa carney followwd up. this is not only an ssue of helping &pour cllmatteand envirrnmentt - but a matter of our natiooal -3 securitysome top republicans
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appear more focused on spending in washington.we should start withhspending nd debt because if we don't get aa handleeon that nothing else republicans are expected tt vote wednesday on a three-monnh extennion of the debt ceiling - but with a stipuuation the senate passes a budget in the next few months.the white houue says it's ready to work towards something lasting.what we support is a long-term raising of the debt ceiling ssothat we don't have any doubt or the global economy about the simple proposition thattthe unitte states always pays its biilsalso on the ppesident's ccmprehensive immigration reform.and nnthe aftermath of the newtown, connecticut sshool schooting - a push for congress to pass tighter gun pontrol washington, i'm tory dunnan.
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3 the presidenn mmy have a llt of convincing to do... if he wwnts his second--erm agenda to pass passright now...51--ercent off people apppove of the jjb he president is doing.43 perceet disapprove. disapprove....and president obbma...has the 3rd √°worst√° job approval ratiig for his first term......of any president after world war 2. the avvrage for his first teem wass499point-1.just gerald ford and jimmy ccrter fared 3 coming up innour 6 o'clock hour... 3 gain some weight... ad help our pmrriage. the new study that says young couples wwo pack on the pounds 3 3thh ravens are gearing p... for a trip to the super bowl. how coach john harbaugh plans -3 po gettthhir riends and family to the big game.
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,3 ((break 3)) - 3 3
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3 llt's take a peek iisiid our &ppurple prrde gallery.cceck out this mini ravenssfan!you an see she'' all decked out and peadd to cheer on theeravens 3 show us yoor purple can uploaa photos and videos & to us through purple -at -fox ballimore dot- com.and you "see it shoot it send it" page - at foxbaltimore dot com.or you can go tt our facebook ppgee. 3 foxbaatimore... click on "inside fox45." coming up in ur 6 o'clock
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hour... cell phones under siegg... again. pgainn 33 the ban for drivees that tate lawmakers are poised to tackle.
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